It’s a new day, a new dawn, a new sun, a new me, and a new you! Although it’s just another day in our life, today starts a new cycle of 365 days that is otherwise called year 0f 2017. Cycles are natural to all life known to us. They repeat and often shed the old to make room for the new. In nature we see shedding of old leaves, shedding of old fur, shedding of old skin; and all this happens to allow for continued growth and to survive the sometimes cold world. So today we get to choose how we want to start this new year. Do we choose to shed anything? Do we choose to release any of the previous experiences that no longer serve us? Do we choose a new us?

I say YES!! Today we choose what we want to release and what we want to keep. It is natural and part of life to start new cycles by first shedding things that no longer serve a purpose. Today we get to intently and consciously choose to release and embrace. Here are five things I choose to release in this new year:

  1. I choose to release old successes to make room for new hunger to succeed in the future
  2. I choose to release old failures because they didn’t define me and I embrace defining a new me with every passing day
  3. I choose to release fear, doubt and second guessing myself and embrace the truth I know deep down
  4. I choose to release old habits and thought patterns that limited my possibilities and embrace dwelling in a world of potential and new opportunities
  5. I choose to release relationships that don’t pour into me and embrace the relationships that pour positive energy into my soul and life

What will you choose to release? What will you choose to embrace? Start your new year with intent and consciously guide your thoughts to the new life you know is within reach.

Choose wisely! Happy New Year you all of you <3