Custom Songs

• Your unique Love Story in a Song
• Your First Dance to Your Original Song
• A Gift you’ll both cherish forever
• Hang on to Your Memories
• A Priceless family heirloom
• Perfect for Wedding Planners
• A Theme Song for your Corporation
• Live Performance at your Event
• Copy of your Song for All Your Employees
• Walk on stage to Your Own Song
• Songs to Compliment Chapters in Your Book
• Encourage Unity with Music
• Birthdays
• Anniversaries
• Valentine’s Day
• Mother’s/Father’s Day
• Newborn
• Retirement

Possibilities are Endless for Your Own Full Length Song!!

How does it work

  • You tell us the basics of your story through a series of fun questions that will be sent to you.

  • You connect with me, Fatima, or someone on my team and go into more detail about special moments, inside jokes, important dates, and themes you may want included.

  • We talk about your favorite songs and artists and styles.

  • You receive a shiny, new-in-the-cellophane CD and a digital mp3 version of the song.

  • Your custom artwork adorns the cover of your CD.

  • You watch the reaction as you play the song for someone you love, for your employees, as you walk on stage, or at your next big celebration! This is truly a song you will treasure for years to come.

  • Your song takes shape through melody and lyrics.

  • You review the song and give final approval for recording.

  • Your song is recorded in a professional studio. Talented musicians come in to play and sing your song.

  • Finally, your song is mixed, and mastered for radio quality. Ready to enjoy.

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