Singing Telegrams

I deliver singing telegrams where I show up, sing a song live for the recipient and leave. This has been the most gratifying experience for me, because something magical happens when I sing for just one person. They feel what I’m feeling and they can’t help but smile and feel the energy music and me bring to the room. Most of us live out our days not being noticed by most people we encounter during the day. So when someone notices you, looks you in the eye and sings a song just for you, you feel loved, noticed and important.
Unique, Moving & Unforgettable
Singing telegrams are a unique way to show love, appreciation and celebrate with your loved ones and friends. For any special occasion, a live singing telegram delivers your special message in an emotionally charged delivery. 
Your Special Occasion
Singing telegrams can be surprises or planned occasions for your significant others, family, friends or co-workers. Every singing telegram I’ve delivered was received with a smile on everyone’s face. 

Examples of Previous Telegrams

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