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I am a teaching artist based in Rochester NY, servicing Western NY school districts. I provide songwriting workshops where all students get a chance to record the song they write. Below are some details:

– Workshop length depends on the number of students, desired outcomes and availability of teacher assistance in between sessions.
– For larger classrooms, group projects are utilized whereas for smaller classrooms individual projects are also available.
– Workshops can be part of regular class time or as part of after school program.
– Sessions last between 45-90 minutes.
– Students are used as behind the scenes assistants giving them an opportunity to learn video production.

Songwriting Workshops

Students write lyrics to the assigned topic or a topic of their choice. They write new lyrics to existing songs/melodies or they write new songs and melodies  to beats.
I teach key songwriting concepts and help with writing lyrics. For scripted video projects I assist with script writing, producing and directing the video.
All students record their songs individually or in groups. All recording and lighting equipment is provided by me. Final projects are emailed or uploaded to Youtube (with permission.)

Examples of Projects

Students re-wrote lyrics to Charlie Puth’s One call away and assisted with recording video, displaying lyrics.

7th grade students re-wrote lyrics of A Boogie’s Jungle song and wrote about school and graduating. This project was a part of their Social Justice class. All the actors were program participants or other students we recruited to be our extras.

Part of 3rd grade’s curriculum at Cooper Academy includes learning about immigration, Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty. Students were asked to pick their favorite song and re-write lyrics on the topic they’ve been learning about, namely immigration. They re-wrote lyrics of MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch. Select students also helped with recording the video, displaying lyrics and helping behind the scenes.

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