Los Angeles on Santa Monica pier

I’ve been in LA for just over a week and I have so many emotions and thoughts going through my head it’s hard to keep up with my own mind. I’ve been inspired! I’ve been moved to tears! I’ve been joyful! I’ve met some super awesome people! (and I hope to meet more) I’ve broken some of my own fears and obstacles that are mostly in my head, but nevertheless overcoming them is an event I take pride in.

I came to LA for a conference to learn how to more effectively book corporate events and network with other musicians and business people. The conference exceeded my expectations on most fronts. I met some incredible people who will remain my friends for a lifetime. I was deeply inspired by the presenter and other musicians and I walked away with a newfound set of beliefs and a list of next career steps.

I did a lot of tourist-y things. I attended the taping of James Corden late night show. Had tickets for Steve Harvey but mixed up the dates and missed it. James Corden was fun. It was more low key than I thought it was gonna be but I think this experience pales in comparison to other things I did.

I hiked from Griffith Conservatory to the Hollywood sign despite having a fear of heights. I kept telling myself positive things during the hike. That I will make it back before it gets dark. That I will find my way to the sign and then find my way back (there are lots of different paths and very little directions.) That I should be looking straight ahead when I was near ledges and felt a whirlwind in my head pulling me down. That my phone won’t die. After this strenuous physical and mental exercise of willpower, I was left with super sore feet and a newfound belief in myself. I walked away stronger and more proud of myself for completing the hike and overcoming doubt.

I went to Santa Monica Pier and ran into a fellow traveler whom I briefly saw in the elevator of my hotel. The chances of us ever seeing each other were close to zero, yet there we were walking the beach and pier and getting to know each other. I am always amazed at how small our world is and I find gratitude and grounding in the connectedness of us all.

I went to the Walk of Fame and Dolby Theatre where the Oscars will be held in a couple of days. Ended up walking for over 6 miles around the venue and looking at all the stars on the sidewalk. On my way over there I saw the Beverly Hills sign and thought to myself “I finally made it to Beverly Hills 90210.” Before I came to the US one of the primary shows I watched was 90210 and I thought all of America looked like that. Fast forward 20 years and now I know that it doesn’t. But I was grateful for the opportunity to be there and appreciate it because I know that I am luckier than a lot of people in the USA.

I was supposed to leave today but due to the Nor’easter I decided to stay the weekend and be here for the Oscars and experience it from the front lines. I woke up today without a hotel and car rental for the weekend. To make the matters worse, I left the lights on last night and my rental wouldn’t start. I thought to myself, never a dull moment with me. There has to be something happening at all times to keep it interesting 🙂 Luckily there was another guest of the hotel who just arrived as I tried to start the car and as luck would have it he was able to jump me after multiple attempts. It was raining so it wasn’t an ideal time to be jumping cars, but after a couple of minutes, the rental started and I was on my way. I gave my card to Michael and thanked him for helping me. He said seeing me happy was all the thanks he needed while we were both soaked from the rain. Again, I am amazed at how many kind people I encounter and how we’re all connected and how we can feel each others’ energy even if it’s invisible.

Not knowing where I’ll be sleeping tonight felt like a defeating experience at first. I didn’t want to spend too much money on accommodations yet everything I was seeing was above my price range. I was ready to call on some of the people I know here and some people that I met and ask for a couch to crash, but that felt like I was expecting others to solve my problems. Obviously that didn’t set well with this super independent woman! So I did what every sensible person would do; rush into action! No, just kidding. I took a power nap in the car to clear my head. My power naps are precise almost 100% of the time. I wake up exactly 20 minutes after I decide to sleep and I actually fall into deep sleep where I’m dreaming.  I have power naps down to a science.

When I woke up, I felt inspired. I had thoughts of sleeping in the car tonight and writing all night or finding something that’s open 24h and working there. I felt this rushing energy of inspiration of overcoming and just figuring out solutions to each obstacle I encountered. After a few sips of coffee, I found an AirBnB and also reserved a car to take me through the weekend. I have a good feeling about the host of the BnB. Only talked to him over text, but they seem super chill.

At the moment, I’m at a Starbucks, drinking their super bitter coffee with headphones in my ears but no music playing. I’m actually listening to their music but I put the headphones in because it helps me concentrate. Weird, I know but it works for me! I’m reflecting on all the experiences I’ve had so far and excitedly looking forward to what the rest of this trip will bring.