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I have performed in front of 20,000+ people on 100+ stages across the nation leaving behind a trail of inspiration, motivation and human connection. I combine facilitation with original live music to deliver Keynote Concerts to both inspire and entertain audiences. I have an innate ability to transform and connect with audiences through personal stories of adversity and overcoming external and internal obstacles with a triumphant musical explosion of sound. I’ve often been described as emotional yet direct with a straight-forward delivery of life lessons.

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Obstacles and hardships are life constants.  Learn 5 key strategies that will set you up for success when facing the darkest challenges.
Fear is either the most debilitating or the most motivating emotion you can experience. Learn about the best ways to embrace and work with fear to pave the way for your success.
Success and failure are close relatives and only a fine line separates them. Learn proven techniques for setting yourself up for your success.


"I have had the privilege of knowing Fatima for two years now. Fatima is professional and gives great care and detail to all that she does. She is extremely creative and able to effectively engage the interests of my third grade students. During her time in my class, she set up clear expectations for the students, had great classroom management, gave background music knowledge to activate schema, was able to peak student interest, answered questions thoroughly, and monitored and adjusted throughout her lessons. The students responded well to her caring manner, and truly looked forward to the days she visited our classroom. She interacts well with students, parents, teachers, and administration. Our final product of music videos are truly one of the most rewarding experiences for everyone involved."
"Fatima is a peaceful and caring woman who celebrates the worth and dignity of all children and encourages their expression in a relevant way. She connects with youth well not as a teacher/leader, but on a genuine human level. This resonates with youth and puts them at ease. What was a wonderful experience it was seeing the children at Cameron/Third Arts Enrichment in the Fall 2017 blossom individually and with their peers in setting their stories to music and watching their video on performance day. I wish more youth from all walks of life get to experience this gift of expression."
Melanie Jones, Director of Arts and EnrichmentThird Presbyterian Church Arts and Enrichment
"Thank you for working hard with our students to help them use language arts to express themselves and connect to others. There is something so ancient, powerful, and essentially human about music. Thank you for empowering our students to participate in that, finding their voices along the way. Great to work with you again!"
"I cannot thank you enough for beauty of who you are, heart and soul (and talent and technology, too) with our kids. I have seen some of them light up in ways that I have not seen all year. You always strike a chord with our students and this year was no exception."
John LaFave, Director of Student Support ServicesCanandaigua Academic and Career Center
"Fatima’s story was heartfelt and warm yet empowering and courageous. She pulled us all in and we felt her core power and drive to be all that she can be.”
"Engaging and entertaining.  Brilliant, authentic and sincere.  Time spent with Fatima is definitely good for the soul."
"Fatima has a unique ability to leverage the arts and her harmonious voice to inspire and facilitate self-discovery and growth in others. Equally as impressive, Fatima has demonstrated that she can rapidly convert abstract and creative projects into tangible outcomes. Organizations and teams seeking breakthrough thinking or complementary approaches to existing programs would benefit from a collaboration with her."
"Fatima draws from her business and life experiences bringing relevance to her unique way of motivating others and unlocking their personal excellence."

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