I think this is my first proper love song. A happy love song which is definitely a milestone for me! It’s called Soar and it’s about a happy love. This whole journey of writing and recording 30 songs in 60 days has been so rewarding so far. There have been challenges for sure but I have learned so much about recording, production, my own voice, composition and too many other aspects to name. For this song, I wanted it to be more or less a stripped down production. I have so much to say about the challenges I’ve faced so far but I don’t have the right words quite yet to describe them. I’ve stared down my own doubts, fears and negative voices telling me to stop and that I can’t be the artist, writer, producer, and engineer all at once. I have to admit I look at these fears every day and for the past few days I’ve been able to look at them and lean away from them. The last two weeks in October reflect a period when I couldn’t do that and I had to pause and think real hard about myself, my motivations, my desires and my plans. I had to go back to basics and meditate myself to a more comfortable place to be. I don’t know if that makes sense, but being unafraid, and dare I say fearless, feels like more of a home of my soul than fear filled thinking and presence. So that’s where I am right now. Not sure where tomorrow leads, but today I am in a great space. No actually an incredible space of being. As always let me know what you think.


[verse 1] It’s been a while since I’ve seen your face
Missing you makes my heart race
Your arms are my favorite place
To feel your magnificent grace

[verse 2] I know I’ve told you this before
Without you I’d be on the floor
Loving you has opened every door
Cause ever since I’ve been able to soar

[chorus] Soar like an eagle
And show all the people
This feeling is so regal
Feels so good it must be illegal
Soar like an angel
In love infused freedom
Beautiful season
This is our eden

[verse 3] I am who I am because of you
Darling do you feel that too
Don’t know what in the world I would do
Forever days with you is too few

[chorus] Soar like an eagle
And show all the people
This feeling so regal
Feels so good it must be illegal
Soar like an angel
You manage to inveigle
Make me circle
Around your purple sparkle

[bridge] My love is your love
Your love is my love
Our love is the love
That makes the world (soar)