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My Story

I was born in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina to loving parents and two older sisters but my upbringing was everything but ordinary. When I was ten, the civil war broke out in Bosnia and I was forced to flee to Croatia seeking shelter from the violence. After spending over three years in Croatia I went back to Bosnia where I saw the destruction and devastation war left in its wake. It was during this time I learned that both of my parents had been in concentration camps during some of the worst fighting and hearing stories like these made me even more resolute on dreaming and seeking a better future. I told my parents that I wanted to come to the United States in hopes of completing my education and when an opportunity presented itself I took it with both hands which landed me in St. Louis when I was sixteen. I later moved to Rochester, NY where I graduated high school and received a Bachelors and Masters in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology. 

Throughout my life the most soothing escape had always been music. Listening, singing along and dancing as if nobody’s there were favorite activities for me. In my spare time I recorded myself singing favorite songs and proudly showed it off to my friends. But it wasn’t until I had achieved professional success that I realized something was missing from my life. Despite the fact that I had achieved my mission of getting a degree and finding a good job, I wasn’t fulfilled with my life. It was in this moment that I realized that I had forgotten my lifelong companion – music! It was music I had been searching for all along but was afraid to pursue such an idealistic career. 

Fast forward to today … I have performed in front of 20,000+ people on 100+ stages across the nation leaving behind a trail of inspiration, motivation and human connection. I combine story telling with live music to inspire and entertain audiences. I have this innate ability to transform and connect with audiences through personal stories of adversity and overcoming external and internal obstacles with a triumphant musical explosion of sound. 

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