This was the hardest topic to decide to sing about but the song has taken a life of its own from the beginning. It’s as if I was simply the vessel through which the music arrangement came from. Sonically, I miss you, I need you is the best I’ve written, arranged and produced so far. I love the little hook part that starts the song off and repeats after every chorus. There’s something about it that just moves me in ways that I can’t explain. I’m still deciding whether I should share who the song is about because I’m still super emotional about it. I know I say I’m emotional often but this time it’s different. Usually when songs come about it’s after the fact and not right in the middle of me going through it. Most of the lyrics were written on July 19th and I added the second verse this week. This summer, I had a falling out with my mom and I’ve refused to talk to her ever since. I haven’t talked to many people about this because I’ve been trying to understand how she could be the way she is. My guess at this point is that living apart for over 20 years has done its part in distancing us, but again I am confused because she is my mom and the only mom I’ll ever have. I feel guilty that I’m not talking to her given that my dad passed away and I can’t talk to him (only in my dreams and thoughts) and she’s the only parent I have left but at the same time I cannot accept a mom who doesn’t support me. This week we messaged and I felt a little better or enough to sing about this. I had the shell of the song when we talked and I messaged her because I guess something didn’t feel right. We haven’t talked since, probably because I’m being stubborn but I still miss her and need her. More to come on this for sure as the story is not done yet.

I miss you, I need you

[Verse 1]

Out of sight, out of mind they say
But I never loved you that way
You run through my veins like cabernet
Giving off scents of a bouquet


We’ve been away for far too long
But it’s the price we paid to be strong
And maybe all along we’ve been wrong
Cause now I have to sing you this song


I miss you, I need you
More than you’ll ever know
I miss you, I love you
More than you’ll see for sure

[verse 2]

This summer you hurt me way too much
Your actions showed a person way out of touch
If you didn’t mean what you said
Then tell right now the truth instead







I need you X8