I started this journey of writing 30 songs in 60 days only 5 days ago and I’m already behind. Other than that I feel really energized and super optimistic 🙂

Every Morning was inspired by the same guy as Stranger which is surprising given my optimistic ending of the Stranger blog. But it is important to note that was when I started my journey of self love with the key word being started. After my experience of realizing that I wasn’t into him any more I thought I would get over him just as quickly as realizing that revelation but it didn’t quite happen that way. At some point I started feeling lonely and I craved the closeness I had with him. Maybe I missed him out of habit or maybe it was really love. I haven’t quite figured that out yet, but I can tell you I have a pattern of holding onto my previous relationships which makes it challenging to move on sometimes. Although it does make for good songwriting sometimes LOL. This song sat in my notebook for more than a year before I finished the last piece which was the bridge. The bridge was inspired by a different man in my life – my dad. The sentiment of bridge is completely different from the rest of the song because of this. When I wrote the bridge I was in a completely different emotional space. My dad had just passed away and for months I had to try really hard just to get up every morning. It was a tough time but again I used music and songs to express what I was feeling. Bringing light to my emotions and facing them through music is my therapy. Since this time Every Morning has been the song that expresses longing for someone and missing them every day. It’s also the song of vulnerability and allowing myself to feel the love for someone despite knowing it won’t be returned. I think I have more to write about my dad so I will leave that until I write more songs about him.

As far as the guy in this song – it’s interesting that when I uploaded the song Stranger and wrote the blog about it he called out of the blue even though he hadn’t heard the song yet. The universe clearly wanted it that way. He stopped by for coffee and he listened to the song and read the blog and let’s just say this man was a part of my past but he is not a part of my present for a reason. Hope you enjoy the song.